What We Do


The Happiness Foundation embraces neglected and abandoned children referred to us through relationships with local governments and churches. We focus on providing what we call “Abundant Care” so that, beyond having their basic needs met, our children may know of the abundant life in Christ. This means that the basic care we provide is wrapped up in the love of a Christian household, campus disciplemaking programs, professional social workers and psychologist, and a quality education in our private Christian school. Further, we provide university assistance and vocational guidance through our Puentes Program in an effort to launch our young adults out into the community as Godly men and women as seeds of impact for Ecuador.

Basic Needs

Food, clothing, and shelter are all important basic needs that are provided . Balanced and wholesome nutrition, and the feeling of being safe and secure are a huge part of facilitating healing from children’s past situations. Children live in homes with a house mom or house dad in a family setting. Meeting basic needs is where abundant care begins, but not where it stops.

Campus Disciple Making Programs

We believe that intentional discipleship is important for all ages. Throughout the week, children are given several opportunities to be discipled as well be disciples themselves. On Sundays, the children attend the church located on the Foundation campus. The Foundation also has a Thursday night worship service led by one of the homes. Houses take turns each week preparing a bible lesson including skits, songs, games and dances. The older youth participate in weekly meetings where they come together for worship and a message. They also get out into the community to serve.

Christian Households

The Happiness Foundation strives to maintain an uplifting Christian environment in every home on the campus. This starts with providing counseling and support for our house moms in a weekly group bible study. Here, these women are encouraged and supported in their walk with the Lord, so that they can go out and better encourage the children in their care. Each home gathers together for a nightly family devotional where the children are encouraged to ask questions, pray together, and study the word of God.

Professional Social Worker and Psychologist

While there is so much joy present in the lives of the children in our care,  we also understand that some of our children come from difficult or traumatic backgrounds. We want every child to have a safe place to deal with difficulties in their lives. We have a full-time psychologist who works on the campus and meets with children when they arrive at the Foundation, and checks in with them as frequently as needed.

Quality Education

The children attend a private Christian elementary and high school on the Foundation campus. They study a variety of subjects including Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, English, and Music. We also recognized a need for early childhood education, so a preschool was added in 2016 to help prepare our youngest children for elementary school.


Upon graduating high school, young adults have the opportunity to join our Puentes Program. Puentes was launched in May of 2021 to provide continued support as our young adults pursue independence through university education or vocational training. Our home in Quito provides a safe place to live and mature emotional, spiritually, and physically as they navigate the transition into adulthood.

Seeds of Impact

Our goal is launch our young adults out into the community as Godly men and women. Thousands of children have passed through the Foundation creating a large family that is represented throughout Ecuador. They are incredible men and women of God making their mark on society. They are breaking the cycle of trauma and abuse. They are leading their families well.

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