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Age: 4
I am smart and feisty. I like playing with the children that live in my house.
Age: 16
I am smart and athletic. I love to be independent and excel in anything I put my mind to.
Age: 5
I am happy when I feel loved and cared for. I love living with all the little girls in my house.
Age: 16
I am a basketball player and very smart. I love to get good grades and study.
Age: 17
I am kind and I enjoy taking care of the younger kids. I love to play soccer.
Age: 3
I have the sweetest smile and personality.  I have a big sister named Fabiola.
Age: 15
I am kind and friendly. I love to learn new worship songs at church.
Age: 6
I love to play and I have lots of friends my age in my house.
Age: 8
I am fun and spunky. I love to be with my friends and make them laugh.
Age: 21
I am sassy and sweet. I love to be with my friends and protect my family.
Age: 18
I am silly, athletic and friendly. I really love to laugh.
Age: 15
I am a good friend. I love to study hard in school and play lots of sports.
Age: 6
I have a contagious laugh and love to swing on the playground. I know my colors in English and Spanish.
Age: 4
I am so curious and I love to eat!
Age: 13
I am both sweet and spunky and I love animals.
Age: 12
I am active and kind. I love to play and look after my younger sisters.
Age: 4
I love to play outside with my friends. There are lots of friends my age at the foundation. I have a big brother named Daniel.
Age: 5
I love to play with balls and trucks. I have a baby brother at the foundation.
David Soloman
Age: 11
I am outgoing, super charming and I love to play with my sisters.
Age: 9
I am cute and energetic. I love to play tag and be with my best friend.
Jose Daniel
Age: 6
I am sweet and small. I like to dress up in my best suit for church!
Age: 12
I am curious and brave. I love Mickey Mouse and playing marbles.
Age: 14
I am sweet and quiet and I love to play babydolls with my friends.
Jean Pierre
Age: 17
I am a good person and I share well. I love to study science and have lots of siblings.
Ana Paula
Age: 10
I am sweet and quiet and I love to play in the park with my friends.
Juan Pablo
Age: 10
I am silly and sweet-natured and I love to play with my friends.
Age: 2
I am so very tiny and wonderfully made by God!
Age: 2
I am so beautiful and sweet. Everyone in my house loves me.
Age: 21
I am friendly with a sharp sense of humor. I love to be helpful and always make people laugh.
Age: 13
I am smart and kind. I love to get good grades and make others laugh.
Bryan P.
Age: 17
I am athletic, I play every sport. I love being a good student.
Age: 16
I am quiet and genuine and I love to create art.
Age: 12
I am friendly and sweet. I love my long hair.
Age: 7
I am playful and a good eater. I learning new things at school.
Age: 2
I am a precious child of God and the newest baby at the foundation.
Age: 17
I am sweet and passionate. I love God with my whole heart.
Age: 14
I am silly and I have a ton of energy. I love to work hard in school and get good grades.
Age: 6
I love to explore and be independent.
Age: 16
I am outgoing and creative. I love to draw and paint and make things beautiful.