Our stateside board meets quarterly. The main purpose of this board is to provide financial support to The Happiness Foundation in Ecuador. This board reviews budgets created by the on-ground Ecuadorian team. They also act as a support system to the Ecuadorian leaders through encouragement and shared wisdom. Each board member has a unique perspective and together they ensure the best for the organization.

Ronnie and Joan Brock have been involved with the Happiness Foundation since the summer of 2011. In the summer of 2012 they moved their family to Ecuador, living and working alongside the foundation director and staff for 3 years. Today Ronnie serves at the President of the Happiness Foundation US Board. They continue to provide administrative support and raise funds to support the monthly operation of the foundation from their home in Oklahoma. Each summer they host multiple churches and family groups that provide summer programming for the children at the foundation and support to the house moms and staff.

Lynn and Bill Collins started visiting the Foundation to help Ronnie and Joan Brock with their ministry in 2011. They have travelled every summer since then, and Lynn has been a part of leading a bible study with the teenage girls at the Foundation. Lynn and Bill believe that the work of the Foundation is a great picture of the gospel and how God cares for us and wants us to be a part of His family. They are excited to be more involved, and consider it a privilege to be able to contribute to the safety, joy and peace that the children have at the Foundation. Over the past several years, the children and house mothers have begun to feel like family for Lynn and Bill and they look forward to their visit each year. They have four children – Cole (21), Abbey (19), Will (17), and Ella (9).

Clay Cunningham has been taking groups to serve at the Foundation for six years. Even on his first trip, he quickly connected with the people and vision of the Happiness Foundation, and wanted to stay involved because of the wholistic ministry that takes place there. He believes that the book of James makes it clear that it is the role of all believers take care of orphans and widows and feels blessed to be a part of the work of the Foundation. His favorite part about being a part of the ministry there is hearing stories of God has worked and is currently working in the hearts of the people. He currently lives in Benton, Arkansas with his wife Stacy and their two daughters Kynley (4) and Emersyn (2).

Basilio Fierro has spent a lifetime ministering to students of all ages. After seminary he served at a number of universities in the United States and Mexico. His gift of counseling and his passion for sharing the Gospel makes him especially welcomed and loved at the foundation. He first began coming to the foundation in 2012 and is a wonderful voice of wisdom. When not traveling the world he lives in Vanhorn, TX.

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