Abundant care for abused, neglected and abandoned children in Ecuador.

Feliz Día de San Valentín! (Happy Valentine's Day) 
It's time for a little bit of silliness and fun at the Foundation! Carnival (known as Carnaval in Ecuador) is a holiday celebrated throughout most of Latin America to mark the beginning of the lent fasting period. During this time everyone takes two days off from work or school to celebrate with parades and family parties. In Ecuador specifically, it is very popular to surprise each other with spray foam attacks, so you always have to be on guard! This month, our kids had a lot of fun during Carnaval with some much needed rest and playtime!
We are excited to welcome several new faces to the Happiness Foundation Board. In February we added three members. Clay Cunningham and Lynn and Bill Collins have all been involved in the work at the Foundation for several years. 
Clay Cunningham has been taking groups to serve at the Foundation for six years. Even on his first trip, he quickly connected with the people and vision of the Happiness Foundation, and wanted to stay involved because of the wholistic ministry that takes place there. He believes that the book of James makes it clear that it is the role of all believers to take care of orphans and widows and feels blessed to be a part of the work of the Foundation. 

Lynn and Bill Collins first visited the Foundation to help Ronnie and Joan Brock with their ministry in 2011. They have traveled every summer since then, and Lynn has been a part of leading a bible study with the teenage girls at the Foundation. Lynn and Bill believe that the work of the Foundation is a great picture of the gospel and how God cares for us and wants us to be a part of His family. They are excited to be more involved, and consider it a privilege to be able to contribute to the safety, joy and peace that the children have at the Foundation. 

Katelyn Godfrey will be stepping in to take over stateside operations. She has been traveling to the Happiness Foundation since 2011 and is passionate about advocating for the needs of the children there. 

    Todd and Jaime Kinzle, as well as Joan and Ronnie Brock continue to be board members. They each provide administrative support and work to raise funds for the monthly operation at the Foundation in Ecuador from their homes in the U.S.        

Tax statements for 2017 were sent out at the end of January. If you need an additional copy or need to update your address, please contact Katelyn at Katelyn@hfecuador.org


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