Sponsorship FAQs

Sponsor a child

What does my sponsorship provide?
The sponsorship program provides food, clothing, housing, education, and spiritual enrichment for all the children at the Happiness Foundation. The Foundation’s sponsorship program costs more than other programs that give food or assistance to a child living in a impoverished family because it provides for the total well-being of the child.


Can I send my child extra gifts?
It is customary to send a gift of $10-$25 for Christmas and birthdays. This may be included in your monthly check with a memo explaining the extra amount. If you send money for special occasions, please do so the month prior, so it will get to Ecuador on time. We have a birthday party once a month so everyone receives equally. The money goes into a birthday fund and Christmas fund so all children receive something even if they may not be sponsored at the time. Please do not send packages. It is recommended you send small items that can fit into a letter or greeting card, such as gum, balloons, stickers, bookmarks, etc. All mail is sent via registered mail from our Yucaipa, CA office the beginning of each month.

Sponsor a child

Will I get to correspond with my child?
Upon sponsoring a child, you will receive a photo and case history of your child. Each year you will receive a new photo so you can see how they are growing. They love receiving a photo of you too, because they write to you and pray for you, and like to be able to visualize you. Please correspond with your child, as it really does make a big difference in their lives. As a sponsor, you will get to know the child you sponsor as they write and begin sharing their life with you.

All correspondence can be sent to our Yucaipa address, and we will forward it to Ecuador via registered mail the beginning of each month. Your letters and cards will be translated into Spanish and then into English when they return. The letters need to be in our office by the end of the month to give us time to translate. It takes generally about six weeks before you will receive a letter back.

Can I visit my child if I get the opportunity?
You can also visit your child and the orphanage. It generally costs about a $800.00 USD for round trip airfare (from LAX) and an additional $25/day for food and lodging at the orphanage. A group usually visits each summer in July, and if you are interested in joining them, please let us know. Read more about our group visits and side trips here.

Sponsor a child

When should I send my payments and donations?
Your financial contributions should be received around the first of each month. It is possible to pay quarterly, semiannually or even annually if you desire. You may cancel your sponsorship at any time, but we ask that you please notify us of your intent so we can find a new sponsor for the child.
Where should my donations and payments be sent?
Please send all donations and correspondence to the office in Comanche, Oklahoma.

Happiness Foundation, Inc.
178272 N. 2760 Road
Comanche, OK 73529

Are my donations tax deductible?
All gifts are tax deductible and 100% of all donations go directly to Ecuador. In January you will receive an itemized statement of your giving for the previous year.

Sponsor a child

How else can I support my sponsored child?
Please pray for your child. Also pray for the housemothers, teachers, and the program in general. We believe that our sponsors are called by God to share in this ministry, just as we have been.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us or sign up online.

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