Sponsor A Child

Children from Houses of Happiness love their sponsors!


Sponsor a child today!

One-hundred percent of your sponsorship or donation goes directly to the Happiness Foundation in Ecuador. The donations are placed in a general fund and are used to support the whole orphanage. The children are sponsored by individual contributors. We are fortunate to have administrative expenses covered by other means. (Learn More)

By sponsoring a child at the Happiness Foundation, you can change a child’s life.
Your donation will:
• Share the love of Christ
• Provide food, clothing, housing, and education
• Give a child a variety of educational opportunities
• Provide a safe, structured environment for them to grow

Upon sponsoring a child, you will receive a photo and case history of your child. Each year you will receive a new photo so you can see how they are growing. They love receiving a photo of you too, because they write to you and pray for you, and like to be able to visualize you. Please correspond with your child, as it really does make a big difference in their lives. As a sponsor, you will get to know your child as they write and begin sharing their life with you.

Supporting your sponsored child in prayer is just as important as supporting them financially. Pray for your child. Also pray for the housemothers, teachers, and the program in general. We believe that our sponsors are called by God to share in this ministry, just as we have been.

Sponsorship Options:

• Partial Monthly Sponsorship: $50 or $25/month (share your child with another sponsor)

• Full Monthly Sponsorship: $100/month (support all of a child’s necessities)

• One-Time Gift or Donation (of any amount)


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