Our Facilities

Hillside campus

Our hillside campus on the side of the Andes Mountains

The Happiness Foundation is built on the side of the Andes Mountain Range. It lies on a 50-acre parcel of land that was given to Henry and Dorothy as a gift from the President of Ecuador and his wife (see our history).

Upper 25 acres
The vision for the upper 25 acres includes a camp, Camp Friendship, for underprivileged children who cannot afford to attend other Christian camps.

The cemetery is located in the top portion of this section. While strolling the grounds a gate was opened and Henry said, “This is our cemetery.”  He spoke of how the poor were often humiliated when they could not afford to bury their loved ones. As Henry had desired, he was laid to rest here on April 21, 2001.

HOH cemetery

Our peaceful cemetery at the top of the hill.

Additionally, two homes have been built for the future camp director and caretaker on the upper 25 acres. There is also a 60,000 gallon water reservoir that can serve as a backup for the orphanage as necessary.

Lower 25 acres
The lower 25 acres contain the orphanage campus (see a map of this part of the campus). There are 20 homes (approximately 10 children in each home plus a housemother) built around a large plaza with grass and pine trees. Each of the homes were built using the same design, but painted with different colors and built with different types of rock or brick on the front porch, giving each house its own personality.

HOH church building

Our finished church building

Above the houses, there is also a school (K-12th) and a church. In 1976, construction began on the walls of the church. The nine foot walls and rock columns stood unfinished for just under 20 years. The money for the initial project was withdrawn, and with so many demands on limited resources, the building became a holding corral for the llamas and other livestock at night. A donation of $35,000 was given in the end of 1995 to build the metal roof and finish the floor. There is also a bakery and storage building. This building is used for storing clothes, towels and sheets, and also has a room used as the bakery.

HOH classroom

One of our classrooms

The soccer field (and the majority of the campus) was graded with large earth moving equipment by a Texaco trenching crew when they were digging an oil line that crossed the top corner of the orphanage (read the story that inspired this donation). The Happiness Foundation has its own soccer team and they compete with the local schools. Championship games are usually played on this field.

Additionally, there are three basketball courts, a computer lab, staff housing and a clinic.

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