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Miguel Angel Moreira

Happiness Foundation director Miguel Angel Moreira


Miguel and his family

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At the age of nine, Miguel Angel Moreira arrived at the Happiness Foundation on August 15, 1971 with his mother, Maria Montenegro, and his younger siblings, one sister and two brothers. His father had been struck by a stray bullet from a neighboring farm which paralyzed him, sentencing him to a wheelchair for life. Maria, looking for a way to provide for her children, heard about the Foundation. Despite Maria’s heartache, she turned out to be one of our best housemothers and served the ministry for 12 years.

Miguel left the Foundation and went to the university, knowing he was called to ministry. Over the next 15 years, he married Ana Barrera and together they pioneered three churches in Conocoto, Alangasi, and Yurac. They have three children, Jonathan, Priscila, and Isaac, all three of whom have musical talent and are part of our Worship Team at the Happiness Foundation (Jonathan being our worship leader).

In December 2005, Miguel was appointed our Director. He has an anointed ministry and a wonderful gift from God of delegating authority. Miguel and his wife (we call her Anita) each hold a Master’s degrees in Theology.

Stateside Board of Directors

Ronnie and Joan Brock with their children, Katelyn, Lydia & Brandon.

Todd and Jaime Kinzle with their children, Kyla, Avery, Rylan & Shaylee.

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