Housemothers and Staff

The children are raised in a home with a housemother who cares for them as a biological mother would. Here are mini biographies of each housemother currently at the Foundation.

A typical day for the housemothers consists of waking everyone up at 5 am and making breakfast to be served at 6 am. Then they get the children off to school, clean the house, read the Bible, wash clothes, and prepare lunch to eat at 1 pm. At 2 pm, they help the small children with their homework. They sign the homework at 5 pm and if there are mistakes, work with the children to correct them. Supper is eaten at 7 pm and then they have devotions. Sometimes the older children work on homework until 9 pm while the housemothers bathe the small children. Before the children go to bed, they pray with the children and say goodnight.


Paulina Buenano – Housemother

The father was not paying to support his children so she came looking for work.

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Rosaura Cagua

Rosaura Cagua – Housemother

She was married when she was 15 years old. She was separated for 5 months from her husband before she came. Her mother-in-law helped her with her children, but was unable to continue. Her own mother even abandoned her. Through all of her problems, she loved the Lord and attended church regularly.

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Sonja Lorena Ayala

Sonja Lorena Ayala – Housemother

She had many problems with her family, so she went out on her own, and met a man who was not a good person. She had two children by him. She heard about the Orphanage from a friend, and came to look for work. She came to know God here, but at first it wasn’t easy for her because she didn’t know how to treat the children. She learned that she had to leave her problems behind, and she has also learned how to help the children, and is happy now.

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Nelly Herrera

Nelly Herrera – Housemother

She was born in Riobamba, State of Chimborazo, Ecuador. Her mother died of a stroke when she was 10 years old. Her father was a journalist and traveled a lot for work and was unable to care for his children. The father brought her and her siblings to the Foundation in 1993. Nelly grew up here, left, and got married. She has 2 children, one of which is handicapped and needs care so she came back looking for work and a safe place to raise her daughters. She is very happy to be here again.

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