Group Visits And Side Trips

Houses of Happiness often has groups that come visit us in Ecuador, helping with the children, helping with remodeling, and doing vbs and sports camps with the children. At other times we have families come to visit and spend time with the children they sponsor from America. We also welcome Senior visitors to spend time with the children and sponsor them.

When we have groups of visitors to Houses of Happiness, we take joy in showing them the country. We take them to the Amazon, to Otovalo, Santa Domingo, Quito and to the Middle of the World. Want to learn more? Find out more about Ecuador.

A member of the Los Colorados Indian Tribe

Los Colorados Indian Museum
This trip will teach you about their music, their culture, and their life in general. The Colorados are considered to be the most powerful tribe in all the Americas producing medicinal treatments from natural means.

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La Casa Del Suizo

La Casa Del Suizo, Amazonia
Located on the shore of Ecuador’s majestic Napo River, La Casa del Suizo is comfortably perched above the small Quichua Indian Village of Ahuano and overlooks vast expanses of the surrounding tropical rainforest.

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Otavalo Indian Marketplace

Otavalo Indian Marketplace
Home to The Most Famous Artisan Market In America
The main visitors attraction in Otavalo is it’s Centenary Plaza or “Poncho Plaza”. Here thousands of crafts gather and show their handicrafts every day of the week.

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Mitad del Mundo, a monument marking the equator in Quito

Middle of the World“Mitad del Mundo”
The trip will provide a variety of planetariums and museums from different countries who sent explorers who discovered the Equator in their travels. A must see!

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