Camp Friendship with God update


    The following came from Bob Coe, new missionary at “Camp Friendship With God”:  Nov. 13, 2012

This weekend a group, (about 10 folks), from Alliance Academy in Quito are coming to introduce them to the kids and the work at the foundation.  Next month, we plan on having a Christmas party for the kids with the same group, so we are excited about getting partnership going between the two.

On the camp side, everything is progressing nicely. The adult soccer league is in its third week and had people on our campus all weekend.  It is exciting to see God fulfill His vision and purpose for that area. In addition, the last two weekends we have had two local, national church groups (52 people in total), on campus using the facility for retreats, with requests still coming in.  This weekend, we are hosting another group of 16 from our home church in the U.S., and we are excited to see some of our friends to catch up.

Recently, Ronnie and I decided to limit the number of weeks to 8 – 10 from the U.S. short term groups coming, to focus on developing the Ecuadorian side of the camp, which has paid off. We continue to get requests above and beyond from US teams so now we are ‘stacking’ teams during those weeks to bed capacity (45 now – hopefully 75-80 by summer).  We tried it for the last group of the season last summer and it worked very well.  Teams either work together or separate depending on the group’s desire.  This year we are extending our VBS out into the neighborhoods surrounding the camp to directly reach the lost, and now have a connection to over 100 Quichua churches in Quito to partner with.  I am also looking at starting a floor hockey night where local kids, orphans also, can play hockey in the vacant dorm rooms and hear local speakers preach the gospel.  I am trying to put together folks willing to pour themselves into this outreach.

On the construction end, we are in the process of finishing a bathroom for the soccer field and lights for the paths.  We have two large projects that we are beginning to work on now that we have sufficient funding.  First, we will finish out one room in the dorm extending our sleeping capacity to 75-80 folks.  Last weekend, we paid (one of the alumni of the orphanage) to replace the bad roofing tiles on the dorm. They begin work on one dorm room this week.  Secondly, we have one bid, and waiting on a second, to build the basketball courts.  That way we can add BB camps to the existing soccer camps we have scheduled.  The rest of the work will be focused on upgrading the soccer area with shelters, changing/storage rooms, and grooming the field.

We are grateful to our God who has graciously provided when no provision was in sight. Blessings to you and your families.


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