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The children who live at the Happiness Foundation range in age from birth to age 18

The Happiness Foundation is located near the Andes mountain range in Ecuador, South America. It is home to over 100 Ecuadorian children, most of whom have been cast away with no one to care for them or have no immediate living family. Each child is raised in a Christian household setting. A housemother or a set of house-parents are assigned to each one of the twenty houses, and they raise and care for approximately 10 children. Housemothers are paid a salary for their position, and their own children are given food, clothing, housing, and education, just like every other child at the foundation.

Our children attend kindergarten through 12th grade, with opportunities to continue their education

We have our own school, K-12th grade, and we offer our children the opportunity to continue their education at a university. For those who don’t qualify for university studies, we have trade school programs such as agriculture, welding, carpentry, auto mechanics, and more. Also, every high school in Ecuador specializes in one major, and we have chosen accounting. All of our youth graduate as CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), and are in high demand for jobs. We also have a computer lab for the university students and the children are taught computer skills. Because the Foundation offers so much to the children, sponsoring our children costs more than other feeding programs.

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